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Quality Means Doing it Right the First Time.
DMS Precision is committed to providing Quality Products that meet or exceed our Customers expectations.
DMS Precision pursues long term partnerships with our customers, suppliers, and employees.
DMS Precision is committed to continuous process improvement.
DMS Precision promotes cost-effective manufacturing.

Fully trained staff of technicians supporting CNC machining operations on three shifts
Latest inspection equipment: CMM, vision system, laser and digital micrometers, profilometers
Full gauging capability to support CNC machine shop
Complete part process qualification for CNC machining
Full SPC Program for process control and process improvement of our long-term commitment to excellence.

  1. Nakazawa Rockwell Hardness Tester
  2. MitutoyoMitutoyo Contour Measuring Instruments
  3. WerthWerth Messtechnik Gmbh
  4. Mitutoyo、Mitutoyo Surface Roughness Tester
  5. MitutoyoMitutoyo Optical Comparator
  6. NikonNikon Stereoscopic Zoom Microscope
  7. OLMPUS OLYMPUS Zoom Stereo Microscopes
  8. Mitutoyo、Mitutoyo Measuring Microscope
  9. SK 0.10~8.0SK Pin Gauge
  10. EISEN 0.10~8.0 EISEN Pin Gauge
  11. TESA、TESA Electronic Gauge
  12. MitutoyoMitutoyo Electronic Gauge
  13. Mitutoyo 0.3mm to 800mm, vernier, calliper
  14. Universal Punch Corp. Concentricity Gage
  15. Baty Baty Venture Unparking Instructions

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