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Stainless steel 300series SUS303,SUS304,SUS304L,SUS316,SUS316L ,SUS317,SUS317L
400series SUS420J2,SUS430,SUS434
600series SUS630
Steel Carbon steel S10C,S20C,S30C,S45C,S50C
Cr-MO SCM415,SCM435,SCM440
Ni-Cr-MO SNCM415
Special steel K,SUJ1,2,3,…,SK(1,2,3,…)
Aluminum - A2011,A2017,A5052,A5056,A6061,A6063,A7075
Cu - C3600,C3604


Answers to Frequently Asked Questions about Slide

Question: Will you hold parts in stock for us?
Answer: Yes, base on the contractual agreement. We will regularely hold the parts in stock for customer.
Question: What kind of materials can you do?
Answer: All stainless steels (SUS303, SUS304 is main material), All carbon steels, Alloy steels , Toolsteel , Super Alloys Brass Bronze Aluminium Copper . If not listed please ask.
Question: What is the smallest lot size you can manufacture?
Answer: In fact it depends on the component, we can do prototypes or batch runs. As you know the bigger the batch - the lower the cost. 1 offs to tens of thousands off.
Question: What tolerances can you do?
Answer: Toolmaking (not ground) +/- 0.01mm
Production CNC Turning +/-0.025mm
Repetition Autos +/-0.05mm