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Before Order
  1. Drawing maybe in the form of : autocad,jpg,bmp doc,pdf…etc.
  2. manual drawing is also available.
  3. notified the parts material & specification.
  1. In order to shorten the quote time and fit customers' requirements. pls write down customers' expecting cost.
  2. E-mail:
  3. FAX: 886-4-22479660
Quote Reply
  1. In general you will get reply in hours or a 1~2 day working day.
Evaluative Sample Order
  1. If the price we offer is accepted please contact us ,we are glad to help you. we are glad to help you.
Order Reply
  1. When we received the order,we will reply for you,to make sure the order.
  1. Preparing the materials and tools which are need during the process.
  1. In general it will cost 21 days.
  2. For some specially situations, we can finish it within 7 days.
  1. According to customer's requirements it will be send by air or Express (DHL,Fedex,…etc.)
In "specially" situations. From "quoting" to "receiving" the sample, you just need less than 2 weeks business days.